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Bespoken Legal

Bespoken: Made-to-order, Custom-designed for a uniquely suited purpose

Our Vision

Life can sometimes feel like its full of problems.  Although lawsuits, aggressiveness and high conflict solutions have a place in society, there is often a better option available.

Many law firms focus on easily repeatable, generic solutions.  Alternatively Bespoken Legal focuses on finding a unique solution to each problem.  Oftentimes these solutions take a bit of ingenuity and a focus on the individual circumstances involved.  This usually means more work and time spent finding and building that unique solution.  Many law firms focus on profitability - we focus on finding the very best solution possible for each person who comes through our doors.

Rates vary based upon the services requested.  Reduced-cost solutions are available for clients who can show need.  Call and discuss the details of your unique situation or request a quote through the button below.

Bespoken Legal is the law office of Cortland Frank Reiner.  At present he works as a solo practitioner.

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