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Our Fees

Generic fees are listed below.  For clients who can show need, there are flat-rate and reduced-cost options available.  To determine if these options are right for you, please contact us by phone or through the form linked below.


Initial Consultation

Initial consultation to determine whether we can help you is free.  This initial consultation does not establish an attorney client relationship until written confirmation from Bespoken Legal is sent.


Legal Advice & Consultation

The services provided will to some extent determine the relevant cost.  The average rate for legal services is below.  Flat rate and reduced-cost solutions are available to clients who can show need.

$300 per hour

Flat rate solutions may be available on a case by case basis

Notarial Services

Notarial Services for any current client is free.  The cost for one-time notarial service is below.

$5 per notarization

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